Please be advised before purchasing on this site, once an order is fulfilled and shipped there are absolutely NO REFUNDS. EXCHANGES are allowed only if there is a mistake on the seller's behave. 4Ever The Princess Hair is subject to verify all orders by requesting proof of purchase as well as valid ID. None of this information will be shared under any circumstances. This information is obtained to protect from fraud and fraudulent disputes. In the event of Fraudulent Charges, Customer will be subjected to a law enforced hearing upon company losing Funds and/or product. Customer will be contacted via shipping address in such case.


(We have a strict no refund or exchange policy, unless the wigs are damaged or do not fit the description of the unit. If there are any issues after receiving your unit please contact us immediately. WE will NOT accept returns after a week of receiving your unit. Straight units will come straightened (but not perfect) due to packaging. Curled units will come curled (but not perfect) due to packaging. All wigs are made by the company and are not premade wigs so they do take more time to customize and style). 

Business Contact hours are from 9am-7pm central time.

Thank you for support 4Ever The Princess Hair.